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Our goal is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Larry Page, Co-Founder of Google
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Donald TrumpZig ZiglarStephen CoveyHarv EkerVic ConantJoe VitaleRobert CialdiniMark Victor HansenLes BrownBrian TracyHarvey MackayRobert AllenMichael GerberDavid BachBarbara DeAngelisBob ProctorTed McGrathJohn GrayJoe PolishArmand MorinSteve HarrisonKenneth BlanchardDavid AllenTed ThomasTom AntionJack CanfieldJay AbrahamEben PaganSuze OrmanBerny Dohrmann

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arrow OUTSOURCE my G+ Hangouts with search-rich, SEO-ready content that I can “set-and-forget” in all the Social Media channels available
arrow ELIMINATE the 5 most humiliating mistakes many Google+ Hangout Marketers make and the precise steps of how to AVOID them
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Hangout Marketing Trifecta™ Includes:

Hangouts made easy!
G+ made easy!

Hangout Marketing Secrets ……. $1997 VALUE
Course Objective: to Teach you how to get started and dominate your Google+ in your niche and add the high-impact, high-touch intimacy of Hangouts to your Marketing Mix

Hangout Monetization Secrets …… $997 VALUE
Course Objective: to teach you how to make money and profit with Google Hangouts by repurposing your content without any Search Engine Optimization programming necessary

Hangout Presentation Secrets … $1500 VALUE
Course Objective: to teach you how to deliver curriculum and sell from the virtual stage so that your viewers buy almost “on-command” and capture more sales faster and easier

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Unquestionable Proof Why This Works

Scan through these CASE STUDIES to prove to you why the HANGOUT MARKETING TRIFECTA online training could be the single most intelligent Continuing Education investment you’ve ever made for yourself, for your business and for your family.


“Hangouts brought me to page 1″



Case Study #1: Trevi Lim (Adelaide, AUS)

BEFORE: Trevi owns a pharmaceutical chain of stores in Australia and wanted to build a consulting Business. He tried to learn the G+ marketing hame on his own, but couldn’t seem to get it off the ground.

AFTER: Within a few hours of training with Alex, Trevi claims what took him 3 months to learn on his own took less than 3 hours to rank #1 on Google for his keywords utilizing Alex’s Hangout Marketing strategies!


Case Study #2: Janet Reveley (UK)

BEFORE: Janet wanted to create a membership[ site with personal trainers but didn’t know how to get exposure to have new prospects enter her marketing funnel.

AFTER: While learning from Alex, Janet “turned PRO” for the first time and started to create members and passive income for her memebership site partnerring with Google and YouTube, just as Alex can teach you too!


“G+ Streamlined my costs!”



“I’ve seen tremendous results!”



Case Study #3: Jack Wong (Singapore)

BEFORE: Jack is a very successful “day trader” who wanted to create a “HOW TO” course to teach other day traders, but didn’t have a platform to do it quickly and profitably…until he started training with Alex.

AFTER: During his Hangout Marketing Training, Jack began to expose his day trading secrets to the masses and now changes people’s lives with the help of Google!


Case Study #4: Marivi Lacuesta (Canada)

BEFORE: Marivi is a “stress reduction” guru who had no web presence prior to training with Alex. She was highly “tech-challenged”…yet she wanted to get her message to the world from her home in Newfoundland.

AFTER: Alex’s training taught Marivi how a simple web camera with an internet connection could make her the “social influencer” in the stress reduction market she is today. Google and YouTube changed Marivi’s Life!


“Hangouts grow our business!”

I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.”
Marc Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook


“Easiest way to get exposure!”



Case Study #5: Larry Kessler (Calif, USA)

BEFORE: Larry is a therapist and healer in Long Beach, CA specializing in PTSD. Before taking Alex’s training, his marketing revenue didn’t cover the cash expenses and he found himself trading time for money.

AFTER: Utilizing what he learned from Alex, Larry has tripled his client flow in half the time attracting more pre-qualified patients with lower marketing expenses and he claims Hangouts are a game-changer for him!


Case Study #6: Fiona Telleson (AUS)

BEFORE: Fiona is a genealogy expert who admits she was skeptical Alex’s Hangout Marketing Strategies could help her monetize her marketing message.

AFTER: While participating in a world-side challenge, Fiona claimed that after 40 years doing genealogy as a hobby, she finally started monetizing her expertise by attracting and converting leads into her member site!


“I’ve been able to monetize…”



“Hangouts are a fantastic tool!”



Case Study #7: Riccardo Romano (Italy)

BEFORE: Riccardo is a video production professional in Savona and he wanted to expose his message outside of Italy utilizing YouTube, but didn’t know how…

AFTER: While learning how to become a Master Virtual Trainer with Alex, Riccardo quickly produced Hangouts that attracted tightly-targeted web traffic to his brand new membership site and started monetizing his expertise!


Case Study #8: Yoram Baltinester (CA)

BEFORE: Yoram is a motivational speaker and trainer in San Diego, CA and before training with Alex his events were limited only to students within driving distance.

AFTER: Alex’s training taught Yoram that he could use Google Hangouts to spread his “Social influence” to the rest of the world and now his content reaches a clobal market faster, better and without having to fly abroad!


“I coach on Hangouts!”

Everything in life has some risk, and what you have to actually learn to do is how to navigate it.”
Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn

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Everything we do is about getting people to be more open, more creative, more courageous.”

Jack Dorsey, Founder of Twitter
No risk whatsoever!

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