Secrets to Get Maximized Exposure with Expanded Social Influence

Imagine Hosting Your Own Web TV Show Attracting Truckloads of Viewers (Courtesy of Google) at Zero Cost!



An Open Letter to Entrepreneurs Who
Want to Get More Online Exposure


Dear Friend,

Albert Einstein once said,Nothing happens until something moves.”

This is true in physics and in business. The laws of physics are similar to the laws of business. Just as it takes more energy to move a stationary object than a moving object, it takes a lot more time and more money to create a successful product launch that’s new, than one with a track record.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Isn’t this true?

I have no idea if you and I have ever met. But I do know these two things about you:

  • You’re probably confused about how to attract more eyeballs to your marketing message, and

  • You’re most likely overwhelmed by which methods work best (search engines, social media, email ) to attract those eyeballs.

Here’s what I know: If you want to win the online marketing game, it really comes down to one thing — EXPOSURE. The more exposure (or “eyeballs”) you get, the more likely it is you’ll succeed marketing anything online.

Powerful, New Lead Generating Machine

GOOD NEWS: There’s one time-proven “lead generating” machine that can shepherd more targeted traffic directly to your marketing message than all the other methods combined. It’s the only method that allows you to do it at no cost by simply making a few clicks of your mouse.

Of course this sounds too good to be true, so before I tell you what it is, I’m going to first tell you what it isn’t.

Could be obsolete?
  • It isn’t  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) . Back in the day, SEO was the most cost-efficient way to generate more traffic with targeted keywords. Today, SEO is too slow and too difficult to execute, and can’t possibly grow your business quickly.

  • It isn’t  Social Media Optimization (SMO) . For the past three years, SMO was a time-effective way to build communities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. These days SMO is too confusing and too overwhelming to be a sustainable and reliable method to grow your business quickly.

  • And it isn’t  Email Swap Marketing (ESM) . ESM used to be what most strategic alliance partnerships relied on as a quick and easy way to capture more profits with a push of the “SEND” button. Today most Internet marketers agree email no longer has the pulling-power it used to have and is gradually becoming obsolete!

We Are a Nation of Google and Facebook”

President Barack Obama

How Do You Expose Your Online Message?

If you’re like most people promoting products and services online, SEO, SMO and ESM are too draining and confusing (and too costly) to fulfill the promise they once had that made them fast business growth methods. And that brings me what our new and controversial online marketing course is all about.

Our goal is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Larry Page, Co-Founder of Google

HINT: The training we’re organizing combines the two most influential online properties the Net offers. And if you add strategic partnerships into the mix, you’ll learn how “copying and pasting” a single line of code can instantly give you the media power to broadcast your marketing message to thousands of targeted viewers at zero out-of-pocket cost to you!

World’s 1st “Social Influence” Engine

According to Wikipedia, G+ or GPlus is a: “social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google. It’s the second largest social networking site in the world, having surpassed Twitter in January of 2013.”

This new social influence engine is changing the rules of the online marketing game. It is called Google+. It’s a high-impact “exposure tool” that generates all the marketing exposure you need with its most powerful feature called “Hangouts.” A Google Hangout is the fastest, easiest, and most economical way to get your message out to all corners of the Net!

We call it the world’s largest and most powerful “social influence” engine because unlike Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn… G+ is not a “social media” platform or “Intranet” of communities that grow over time. G+ is a part of Google, which is the “Internet” and combines the power of the other social media “Intranets”!

We believe that Google+ today is in its infancy just like Facebook was in 2006 and Twitter in 2008. And if you’re willing to take on a worldwide marketing challenge so you discover the secrets to get maximized exposure with expanded social influence, then please grab your mouse and enroll now.

Hangout Marketing Training Is Here!


Our new online training is called Hangout Marketing Training (HMT) .

Check this out!



The First 49 People who register will get special access to my private Open Office hours. This access alone is worth ten times more than the tuition you’ll invest for this game changing online training. Say “YES” now to stop the social media confusion and overwhelm so you too can generate the marketing exposure you’ve always deserved!


What Gives Us The Right To Train You?

In a moment I will share what Hangout Marketing Training is all about, why it’s so controversial, and how it can quickly and easily expose your message to masses. But because you’ve made it so far, I think it’s fair for me to assume that I must answer why I’m uniquely qualified to make this a challenge available to you…

My name is Alex Mandossian and I am one of the core instructors of the game-changing online training course called Hangout Marketing Training. I started marketing on the Internet in 1999 and since then, have made more mistakes in attempting to generate online exposure than anyone else I know.

To date, I’ve generated $360 million in sales and profits for myself, my clients and strategic alliance partners such as Wal-Mart, Dale Carnegie Training, Success Resources (the world’s largest seminar company), Business Network International, Agora Publishing, New York University, to name a few. I don’t say that to boast about my past, but rather to predict a bigger and brighter future for you because I know where the marketing “land mines” are and I’ll show you how to sidestep them!

I’m acknowledged as the co-developer of well-known innovations such as the “Tele-Summit” model, “Ask Methodology” technique, “Audio Postcard” marketing, “Web Audio/Video” marketing, “Done-With-You” teaching method, just to name a few.

I have also developed and launched dozens training courses, online services and information products with price tags ranging from $1 (for a 4-page report) to $50,000 (for an exclusive Mastermind Group for the world’s top event marketers). When I think back to my marketing mistakes, I’m reminded of what the great Buckminster Fuller once said,

Isn’t this true?

Mistakes are great, the more I make the smarter I get.”

Buckminster Fuller

Renowned as the Leonardo da Vinci of the 20th century, Bucky Fuller also claimed that most of his advances were by mistake and that he uncovered what IS by getting rid of what ISN’T.

At this time in my marketing career, I’ve discovered enough “ISN’Ts” to give me the right to train you right here and right now: Be one of 150 HMT participants and we’ll show you how Google+ can get you massive marketing exposure… as well as make you the most respected social influencer in your niche.

Only if you’re ready…

Get Hangout Access To These G+ Influencers

Now that you know why we’re qualified to offer you this worldwide training, I want to make a confession that I believe is in your favor.

The actual tuition to become a Participant would have had a price tag of over $5,000 because of the painstaking number of “curriculum production hours” it took to create everything you get access to. Yet because it’s BUNDLED together into the Hangout Marketing Training, it’s now available to you for 3 easy payments and the first payment is less than $100!

The HM Training gives you specific, practical answers to the most relevant and important questions people have about Google+ and Hangouts! And best of all, it is taught by our world-class faculty of G+ experts.

Our esteemed guest interviews:

Martin Shervington

Martin Shervington is an author, consultant, coach and occasional stand-up comedian. He has 15+ years of psychology training in the fields of marketing and communication. His Google+ posts will sometimes get up to 500 comments with hundreds of +1 shares week after week.

Millions of G+ followers!

Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill is a world-renowned broadcaster, video storyteller, veterans’ cheerleader, social media strategist and Hangout host. Over 2.5 million people on Google+ have her in their circles. You can typically catch her hanging out with heroes because she’s one of the most influential Plussers on the planet.


Luis Galarza

Luis Galarza is an Internet marketing, mobile marketing and social media strategist who specializes in local SEO. He lives in Leominster, MA and helps small and mid-sized companies reach their online growth potential. He applies strategic local marketing methods to boost lead flow and revenue of brick and mortar businesses. His mantra is “Positivise thinking is my way to anything!”


Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian has generated over $360 million in sales & profits for his marketing students, clients and alliance partners on 5 continents. His colleagues acknowledge him as the “Warren Buffett of the Net”. He has shared the stage with diverse thought leaders such as Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Ormand, Harvey McKay, and his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

It’s Kim Beasley 😉

Mystery Guest

Our Mystery Guest is a “citizen reporter” specializing in Hangouts On Air(HOA). She is a respected broadcast consultant, coach, professional speaker and WordPress web designer. Her expertise is increasing social influence using Google+, even with clients who start from scratch. She integrates every other social media platform with Google+ to accelerate the growth and visibility of her clients.


Dan Safkow

Dan Safkow believes that the effective use of online video can create lasting change in the world. He’s an Internet marketing teacher who shares strategies, best practices and online do-it-yourself tools for video marketers. Dan also has a keen aesthetic eye for world-class production quality for every G+ Hangout he produces weekly.


Mike Elgan

Mike Elgan is a writer, columnist and blogger. He abandoned the conventional blogging and started blogging on G+ because he feels it is the best blogging platform. He utilizes Google+ to replace email communications, crowd sourcing his stories, publishing his newsletter, communicating with family (instead of Skype) and even social networking.


Joe Saad

Joe Saad is an entrepreneur, founder of ChefHangout.com, and a mergers/acquisitions investor. He works with a team of innovators to grow ChefHangout.com, which monetizes G+ by offering cooking classes in the comfort of anyone’s kitchen. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Finance.


Two Quick Summary Points

Here’s a quick summary of the two important points we’ve covered so far:

Quick summary here…
  • If you want to expose your message to the rest of the world, you face the urgent problems of SEO aggravation, SMO overwhelm and ESM disappointment. (Click here if you forgot what “SEO,” “SMO” and “ESM” stand for).

  • If you want to take back control of your online marketing and expose your message faster, better and with less human effort, consider the unique promise we’ve made with Hangouts Marketing Secrets!

I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.”

Marc Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook

Unquestionable Proof Why Hangouts Work

The next eight videos demonstrate why G+ Hangouts can work for both new and verteran online marketers. Rather than taking my word for it, click through the videos of our beta test students and find out for yourself why they feel Hangout Marketing is the way to go.



“Hangouts brought me to page 1″




“I’ve been able to monetize…”




“Hangouts grow our business”


“I’ve been hosting weekly hangouts”




“G+ Streamlined my costs!”




“I’ve seen tremendous results!”




Everything in life has some risk, and what you have to actually learn to do is how to navigate it.”

Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn



“Easiest way to get exposure!”




“I coach on Hangouts!”


“Hangouts are a fantastic tool!”




“It’s going to transform us!”


Everything we do is about getting people to be more open, more creative, more courageous.”

Jack Dorsey, Founder of Twitter



“Hangouts grow our business”


“G+ Streamlined my costs!”


“I’ve seen tremendous results!”


Read These Hangout Marketing
Training Highlights

Because you’ve read this far, the only thing left is to outline the specific Google+ Hangout questions you’ll get answered when you complete our Hangout Marketing Training course.

Understand: these are engagement driven questions that will produce action-based answers. When we’re done, you’ll have practical and actionable steps to boost your social influence by maximizing the exposure of your message.

The Hangout Marketing Training Answers These 55 Questions

G+ made easy!
  • What is Google+ and why is it relevant to maximizing online exposure?

  • What are G+ Hangouts and why are they a game changer for influencers?

  • What is a HOA and why is it a cost-efficient way to spread your message?

These are questions about FEATURES inside G+ Hangouts

  • What is Invite and why does it boost your social influence on Google?

  • What is Chat and why does it engage people inside a Hangout?

  • What is Screen Share and why is it a key to Hangout presentations?

February 13th, 2013

Obama Participates in Fireside Google+ Hangouts

On Thursday, February 14th at 4:50 p.m. EST, President Obama will sit down with Americans from all across the country for a “Fireside Hangout” – our 21st century take on Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fireside chats. The President will join a live, completely virtual interview from nowhere other than the Roosevelt Room in the White House’s West Wing.

This online event comes just days after the State of the Union address, where the President laid out his plan to create jobs and strengthen the middle class. During the hangout, which is hosted and moderated by Google, the President will connect with people who are active online to discuss the policies and proposals in the speech.


  • What is Google Drive and why is it the future of professional file sharing?

  • What is Toolbox and why is it important to personal brand building?

  • What is Hangout YouTube and why is it a key to video presentations?

  • What is Comment Tracker and why does it engage people outside a Hangout?

These are questions about FEATURES inside G+ User Interface

  • What is G+ Layout and why are they important to brand image?

  • What is G+ Home and why does it give more situational awareness?

  • What is G+ Profile and why does it produce more social influence?

  • What is G+ Events and why does it create the “networking” effect?

July 18th, 2011

Dell wants to use Google+ Hangouts for customer service

Michael Dell likes Google’s new group video chat service Hangouts so much he wants to use it as a tool for customer service and sales. Dell revealed his thoughts about Hangouts on Google+, the social network that Google launched at the end of last month.

Hangouts has been hailed as the next big killer app, and Michael Dell is obviously a fan as well. He’s used the video chat more than a dozen times since he joined Google+ in early July, and this Sunday, he posted the following question on Google+:

I am thinking about hangouts for business. Would you like to be able to connect with your Dell service and sale teams via video directly from Dell.com?


  • What is G+ Communities and why does it create more social authority?

  • What is G+ Photos and why does it improve online visibility?

  • What is G+ Local and why does it boost Google search results?

  • What is G+ Find People and why does it clarify who to follow online?

These are questions about Google’s BLACK BAR Navigation tabs

  • What’s the “Search” all about and WHY is it relevant to get you exposure?

  • What’s the “Images” all about and WHY is it relevant to get you exposure?

  • What’s the “Maps” all about and WHY is it relevant to get you exposure?

  • What’s the “Play” all about and WHY is it relevant to get you exposure?

May 8th, 2012

Conan O’Brien Hosts His First Google Hangout Tonight

That’s right, Team Coco followers, Conan will be doing his first Google Hangout tonight at 10:30 pm EST. While it’s not open for everybody to join, it does give a few lucky fans an opportunity to get close to the red headed brilliance that is Conan O’Brien. Well, at least in cyberspace, anyway.

From the Team Coco Google+ page:

Watch Conan’s first Google+ Hangout, Tuesday @ 10:30pm EST. A few selected fans will be spending some quality time with the maestro, and that epic chitchat can be seen right here on Team Coco’s Google+ page. Got it? See you then!


  • What’s the “YouTube” all about and WHY is it relevant to get you exposure?

  • What’s the “News” all about and WHY is it relevant to get you exposure?

  • What’s the “Gmail” all about and WHY is it relevant to get you exposure?

  • What’s the “Drive” all about and WHY is it relevant to get you exposure?

  • What’s the “Calendar” all about and WHY is it relevant to get you exposure?

Hangouts made easy!

These “HOW TO” questions lead to G+ Hangout monetization!

  • How does G+ Hangouts compare to Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx, etc?

  • How can a G+ Hangout be produced to look and feel more professional?

  • How can the language of G+ (Glossary of Terms) attract JV partnerships?

February 1st, 2013

Hangout with Anderson Cooper at 12 p.m. ET

At noon today you can find Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Jeffrey Toobin and AC360 producer Jack Gray in a live Google+ Hangout on CNN.com and AC360.com.

With your help, they’re continuing the conversation they started last night with many others in the “Guns under fire” town hall. Leave a comment here or on the AC360 Google+ page.



  • How can G+ Hangouts cost-efficiently maximize brand exposure?

  • How can G+ Hangouts integrate into Internet marketing best practices?

  • How can G+ Hangouts get monetized and create recurring income?

If you’re an online entrepreneur read these advantages…

  • How can G+ Hangouts accelerate the growth of an online database?

  • How can G+ Hangouts enhance vendor and company team meetings?

  • How can G+ Hangouts amplify the influence of preview trainings?

  • How can G+ Hangouts create recurring income for consultants?

  • How can G+ Hangouts be utilized for crowd sourcing or funding?

If you’re in professional services, read these advantages…

  • How can G+ Hangouts improve “How To” tutorials for new products?

  • How can G+ Hangouts boost coaching income with “strategy sessions?”

  • How can G+ Hangouts be used to moderate focus groups?

October 7th, 2011

Dalai Lama Google Plus Hangout To Air At Desmond Tutu’s Peace Lecture In South Africa On Oct. 8

The Dalai Lama will host an on air Google Plus hangout Saturday that will be shown at Desmond Tutu’s Peace lecture.

If you’re interested in joining His Holiness, a post on his Google Plus profile states that a link to the hangout will be available about half an hour before the speech. The event is set to take place at 10:30 a.m., South African time (GMT +2).


For service professionals…
  • How can G+ Hangouts expand the marketing reach of product launches?

  • How can G+ Hangouts increase the engagement of Mastermind meetings?

  • How can G+ Hangouts make job interviews more effective for employers?

If you’re a small business owner, read these advantages…

  • How can G+ Hangouts reduce the cost of running online Help Desks?

  • How can G+ Hangouts amplify the impact of book tours for authors?

  • How can G+ Hangouts create new jobs for future “citizen reporters?”

April 8th, 2013

Join NGC for Our First Global Citizen Hangout

NGC will host Maya Ajmera, founder of the Global Fund for Children, to discuss Universal Education in the first Global Citizen Hangout.

To view the Hangout, visit the NGC Youtube site at 1:30 pm EST April 24th to watch live. Additionally, students and teachers can submit questions for Maya through NGC’s Facebook or Twitter by tagging #GCHangout. Questions should be submitted by April 23rd.


  • How can G+ Hangouts lower the operational costs of spiritual gatherings?

  • How can G+ Hangouts speed up course certification for technical jobs?

  • How can G+ Hangouts be used as a matching resource in dating services?

If you’re a financial services investor, read these advantages…

  • How can G+ Hangouts boost engagement during shareholder meetings?

  • How can G+ Hangouts reduce wasted time with debriefing meetings?

  • How can G+ Hangouts lower human effort with new product trainings?

  • How can G+ Hangouts heighten the impact of weekly financial reports?

  • How can G+ Hangouts enrich investor memorandums for more funding?

Go for it!

What Would Happen If …

… you DIDN’T enroll in our Hangout Marketing Training?

Wouldn’t your current situation stay the same? If you feel you’re stuck in a rut right now or resistance to making massive change in your life, won’t it feel worse if you’re still in that rut at the beginning of next year?

MARKETING 101: How much targeted website traffic do you want to attract each day? How much is coming in now? What’s preventing you from reaching your year-end goal now? How much money do you lose each day as a result of not getting the daily clicks and opt-ins you know you deserve?

I recently asked one of my marketing colleagues the same set of questions and here is how she responded. (She teaches coaches how to attract more clients utilizing Internet marketing strategies, but G+ Hangouts is NOT one of them!)

Important CASE STUDY

Review This Case Study

My friend’s annual goal is to attract an average of 600 unique visitors to her website each week. (She is currently attracting about 120 unique, targeted visitors weekly, which isn’t bad for her niche … but it’s certainly not great).

Her prospect-to-client conversion is a respectable 5% and her “annual client value,” she says is about $5,000. Finally, she claims that about 20% of her “suspects” (unique visitors) opt-in and convert into “prospects.”

POP QUIZ: How much money is she losing each week?

Let’s Do The Math Together

100 Visitors
20 Prospects
1 Paying Client

For every new 100 visitors (or suspects), 20 of them convert into qualified prospects, from which 1 (or 5%) converts into a $5K paying client. Are you getting this?

(If I just lost you, please read the previous two paragraphs again because math is the language of online marketing!)

If she gets 1 new $5K client per week, she averages about $250K per year, a respectable income by any standard. But yet that income is based on 100 unique visitors per week, whereas her year-end goal is 600 per week!

The difference between what she’s doing now with just over a hundred weekly visitors, to the 600 visitors/week she wants to be doing by year’s end, is a 500-visitor difference week after week!

Here’s what’s frightening: My friend is losing $25K each week as a result of NOT getting her year end goal. Multiply that by fifty-two weeks and it’s doesn’t take a math genius to realize that not reaching her goal is costing my friend about $1.3 million per year!

Talk about depressing, right?

But here’s the kicker … when I asked her to tell me what was preventing her from reaching her 600 visitor/week goal, do you know what her response was? She said, “Dunno … I think it’s because I don’t have more exposure on Google right now…” and then added, “How do I get more exposure on Google?

Suddenly, that was the precise moment when I realized that a movement to monetize with G+ Hangouts was desperately needed for solo-entrepreneurs just like my friend … and because you’ve made it this far, your business (new or established) may be in desperate need for it too!

I emailed Yifat Cohen, my go-to-gal for Google+ training strategies and Dan Safkow, my go-to-guy for high-impact Hangout productions … and that was the very day Hangout Marketing Training was born.

What Could Happen If …

Think of the possibilites

… you DID qualify to enroll as one of the Hangout Marketing Training participants?

Couldn’t it catapult your online marketing impact (and social influence) to levels you only dreamed were possible by the Internet marketing mavens?

Couldn’t it get you out of the possible rut you’re in right now by putting you on an accelerate juggernaut to reach your year end goal (no matter how lofty it is) faster, better and with less human effort?

If you want to get to the top of the heap on Google, then why spend your time marketing only on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any social media platform that’s not directly owned by Google? You already know what YouTube can do for you, right?

Isn’t it time for you to start converting the majority of your social media energy to Google+ and make it your preferred social marketing engine? At the risk of offending you, I’ll say this: If you don’t get on the Google+ juggernaut now, you’ll be irrelevant in your niche in the not-too-distant future. Period!

It’s Decision Making Time!

By now, my sense is you’ve already warmed-up to the idea of participating in the Hangout Marketing Training. Now it’s decision making on what type of participant you want to become.

Listed below is everything you get!



Hangout Marketing Secrets …………… $497 VALUE
Now you can get rid of your money worries forever. Hangout Marketing Secrets (HMS) was uniquely designed to make you more money … faster, better and easier!

Each of the 5 content-rich video training modules practically spoon-feed you the skills and tools utilized by the most influential G+ and Hangout marketers. Maximizing your online exposure and expanding your social influence is now possible with less human effort!

Hangout Automator Software ………. $997 VALUE
What people find most challenging and stressful about doing Google+ Hangouts is the web work and design. If you want to accelerate the growth of your online list, you must create your own Hangout pages.

Now you can have a Hangout Marketing system you can really be proud of … without lifting a finger because Hangout Automator™ does all of the “heavy-lifting” for you without requiring a web master. Hangout Automator is the fastest, easiest, most reliable way to make money with G+ Hangouts without spending a penny more on advertising!

Open Office Hours Hangouts ……… $1500 VALUE
Don’t hire a coach or consultant to teach you how to monetize Google Hangouts until you try engaging in “Open Office Hours Hangouts” from the team who created it – us! If you want to have face-to-face access to the savviest Hangout Marketers in the world, this bonus is for you!

Get all your Hangout Marketing questions answered week after week for twelve weeks. You get direct, private Hangout interaction that’s better than “group coaching” or “group consulting” from the comfort of your own home or office. This bonus gift alone is worth ten, maybe one hundred times the value of the offer. (You can get it a la carte.)

Productivity Secrets Training ………. $497 VALUE
Want to learn the time-honored habits to slash your interruptions in half and triple your free time? Productivity Secrets™ is available to you for less than $500 online at www.ProductivitySecrets.com and there’s even a financing plan if you’re on a bootstrapped budget.

Or, you can take advantage of this Hangout Training special offer and get the entire 21-strategy Productivity Secrets™ training at no costs to you, even though everybody else pays $497. If you’re overwhelmed or stressed and worried about juggling too many personal commitments, this is your passport to get more done … faster, better and easier!

Hangout Monetization Methods …… $197 VALUE
Discover how easily you can make more money with Google+ Hangouts in 33 time-proven ways. This content-rich Hangout was recorded live and features Yifat Cohen, Dan Safkow and Alex Mandossian.

In less than 75 minutes you’ll learn how to “repurpose” and profit from more Hangouts … faster, better and easier. You also get a unique fill-in-the blank ACTION GUIDE and a COMPLETED one to check your answers for precise accuracy.

Hangout Monetization for Coaches .. $97 VALUE
Give us 50 minutes and we’ll show you how to build and accelerate the growth of any coaching or consulting business (online or offline) using Google+ Hangouts as your core lead-generating tool. This Hangout was recorded live and features Coach Dave Buck and Alex Mandossian.

You’ll also get instant access to an “enhanced” PDF transcript that outlines key learning points and distinctions. Professional speakers, coaches, consultants and info marketers will find this content-rich training ideal to attract NEW clients … faster, better and easier!

Hangout Accountability Partnership $81 VALUE
What makes good entrepreneurs great is the principle of having an “Accountability Partner.” By special arrangement with founder, Rick Raddatz, Alex Mandossian is paying for your 3 months of the Profit- Profit Profit network (everybody else pays a $27 per month).

After enrolling in Hangout Marketing Training, you’ll automatically get instant eligibility to get your Accountability Partner who keeps you “focused” to help you get more productivity out your entrepreneurial life … faster, better, easier and with more accountability!

Hangout Tools/Resources ……………… PRICELE$$
Why is now precisely the right time to enroll in the Hangout Marketing Training? Hangouts are a perfect marketing tool to disproportionately give you an unfair advantage over your closest competitors!

And now we’ve scoured the planet to find the world’s best TOOLS and RESOURCES to maximize your impact! You’ll get complimentary instant access to them all once your say “YES!” to this Hangout Training.

Hangout Monetization School ……….. PRICELE$$
Week after week you have a quick and easy way to learn how to better monetize your offerings and become a better marketer during our live private Google Hangouts. Engage and enroll into the world’s fastest growing G+ Hangout marketing community.

All you need is a web cam, a mouse and to be subscribed to our private online mailing list. Enroll in the Hangout Marketing Training™ and you’ll instantly get access to these content-rich Hangouts so you can gain more “social influence” … faster, better and easier!


But I can remove many of the other inherent risks involved with this sort investment which I spell out in my 3-Part “No-Risk Guarantee” outlines below!

Bottom Line: My faculty and I are determined and committed to never leave any of our participants skeptical, regardless of the participation level you choose. Our reputations are at stake because this is a global Challenge and the world will be watching.

And that’s why I decided to bend over backwards and offer you this 3-part “conditional” money-back guarantee. It is ridiculously unprecedented, so please read every word so you understand it!

No risk whatsoever!

“You’re 100% Protected By Our 3 Part, No-Risk Guarantee”

We believe in a strong guarantee, to make it irresistibly appealing to you, and virtually RISK-FREE for you to participate in this year’s Hangout Marketing Training.

If you follow our step-by-step instructions, we promise you that:

  • HMT will be presented without ‘geek-speak,’ in plain English;

  • HMT will show you how to optimize your Google+ presence;


    And … if you follow our explicit directions:

  • You’ll increase your ability to monetize your Google+
    hangouts exponentially!

If you do your part as outlined above, we guarantee to do our part in teaching you how to maximize your online exposure, expand your social influence and monetize your own G+ Hangouts!

That’s seems more than fair, doesn’t it?

Look, all we’re asking is for you to do your part so we can guarantee our part. That means no lazy people, no whiners and we’re not interested any participants who have “too many commitments.”

If you’re not a self-starter, then HMT is not for you. If you’re not self-motivated, then HMT not for you.And if you’re in the habit of chasing  “bright, shiny objects” whenever a world-class opportunity — like HMT — is right under your nose, then it’s time to STOP READING because HMT isn’t for you!

But if you want to CHALLENGE yourself to prove to the rest of the world that you can exceed your personal potential, then grab your mouse and “GO PREMIUM” after you click the orange “Enroll Now!” button you see below.

(Refund requests will not be honored after 30 days of purchase as per FTC regulations).

Its decision time!

Who Is the Ideal HMT Participant?

Mail order marketers, coaches, dentists, lawn care professionals, real estate brokers, professional speakers, insurance agents, chiropractors, hair dressers, CPAs, restaurant owners, digital printers, architects, nutritional experts, attorneys, dog trainers, financial service professionals…

…Consultants, newsletter publishers, software and app programmers, network marketers, and almost any other business profession you can think of will benefit from the Hangout marketing tips, techniques and tricks we teach!

So what’s it going to be? YES or NO? There are no MAYBEs … not after taking the time and effort of making it this far in your decision making process.

Catch The G+ Hangout Buzz

The “G+ Buzz” is on!

There’s a lot of buzz around Google+ and how Hangouts specially may turn Facebook and the other social media platforms obsolete. In January of 2013, Google+ already eclipsed Twitter in total number of users. The question is when will Plussers surpass Facebook in total members?

Some experts say 3 years … others say 2 years. One of my mentors is betting me in 18 months, Google+ will do to Facebook what Facebook did to MySpace!

I don’t know if Google+ will ever eclipse Facebook and I don’t care. What I do know is that the G+ Hangout feature is a game-changing media source that will provide you the perfect message-to-market match, just as it has done for me.

If you don’t believe that, then I only hope you and I are competitors because the best Hangout Marketer is most likely to win the online marketing game. You could easily waste months of precious time and thousands of marketing dollars chasing other opportunities that are unproven and not guaranteed.

Why continue to bash your head up again a brick wall day-after-day trying to find your true path to success when there’s a faster, easier and a zero cost way that has been right under your nose all along?!

Say “YES” to Hangout Marketing Training now so you can make a statement to yourself and the rest of the world that you want to be the “gold standard” of social influence in your area of interest.

3 Creative Ways Entrepreneurs
Use Google+ Hangouts to Grow!


Crowd Sourcing: polling your “tribe” about their preferences about product names, headlines, bonuses, logos, etc.



Team Huddles: making your daily team meetings more time-efficient and convenient and fun to share ideas and documents.



Demonstrations: generating more cost-effective presentations to brainstorm ideas, launch products, get testimonials, etc.

Present with more clarity!

Only These 3 Questions Left…

If you’re a social influencer, or if you’ve studied sales and marketing even at a remedial level … then you’re probably familiar with these final three questions I’ll leave you with. Do me a favor and ask each of them to yourself (out loud) so we can bring this OPEN LETTER to a formal close …

  • QUESTION #1: “If not this, then what?”
    If you’re still resisting participating in the Hangout Marketing Training, then what other online resources will you choose to take back control of exposing your message to the rest of the world?


    Only you know the answer to that question, so I’ll stop guessing about your personal situation and simply ask you to click here and enroll now…

  • QUESTION #2: “If not us, then who?”
    If you refuse to participate, even though we have huddled many of most highly renowned Google+ thought leaders, then who else can teach you how to take back control of exposing your message to the rest of the world?


    Only you know the answer to that question, so I’ll stop guessing about your personal situation and simply ask you to click here and enroll now…

  • QUESTION #3: “If not now, then when?”
    If you’re still wrestling with a mental or emotional block on why now is the right time to add G+ Hangouts into your marketing mix, you might as well stop reading now. Such self-doubt not only reduce your performance, it will also poison the mindset of the other participants.


    Look here’s the deal: Hangout marketing is still in its infancy and at this moment you have a unique opportunity to take it and grow with it.


    This is your time to take back control of your marketing destiny so you can put yourself in a position to leave a legacy online and offline. This is your time and your time is now … and that’s why it makes sense to click here and enroll now!


    I’ve quoted Bucky Fuller twice in this Open Letter, so here’s a final thought that is one of his 3 universal principles: “The only failure in life is the failure to participate.” (If you want to learn Bucky’s two other universal principles, you’ll have to enroll as an HMC participant. (Yes, that’s an “ethical bribe” but I owe it to you since you’ve come this far without enrolling yet – LOL)

If you’re not ready
yet, read this

Let’s Wrap This Up

Google+ Hangouts attract more cash-paying customers.

By now you probably realize that fact and that Hangout marketing might be the most overlooked moneymaking secret in today’s over-marketed, over-skeptical and over-communicated economy.

The Hangout Marketing Training is your fastest, easiest, most reliable way to dramatically increase your sales and profits without spending an extra penny more on advertising or promotional costs. (We said that before and we still stand by it)

That’s why it makes sense for you to take a closer look at this Hangout Marketing Trianing opportunity that’s staring at you straight in your face.

We will show you how to take the guesswork out of online prospecting and convert ordinary sales leads into on-going income streams for the life of your business or any other type of business!

We’ve done it. We’ve shown others how to do it. And now with the help of the HMT faculty, HMT support squad, other HMT competitors and the HMT fans, you’ll discover how quick and easy it can be for you to do it too.

Hey before you know it, your biggest competitors will start scratching their heads in amazement and wondering how you can usher in so many new customers with ease, while they keep struggling to get their businesses off the ground!

If you want an endless flow of hot, ready-to-buy prospects … and a sustainable reservoir of customers who repeatedly grow in their lifetime value, then it’s now decision-making time to say, “YES” to the Hangout Marketing Training.

Don’t take what I’ve shared in this OPEN LETTER just as hint that Google+ can cause a lasting, positive shift so you can reach the next level in your professional and personal life. Take what I’ve share here as a “shovel to your forehead” so you never again overlook the power of Google+ Hangout marketing!

So what are you waiting for?!

Grab your mouse and do your part to enroll. I’ve already done my part with nearly 15,000 words in this OPEN LETTER to engage and enroll you into HMT… Now the ball is in your court.

Onward and Upward,

Alex Mandossian
Hangout Marketing Training

  • P.S. Hangout Marketing Training isn’t just about making money. It’s about increasing your social influence in your niche so you become a “trusted advisor” your followers listen and learn from consistently.



The 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Read these please
Q1: “Can I register even if I don’t yet have a product or service to sell?”
See Answer

Yes, because about about 87% of Alex’s students do NOT have a product or service to sell when they start taking his trainings. Alex often says, “No products means no bad habits,” and you’ll make more money faster. Click here to enroll

Q2: “Will I get help desk access if I have questions?”
See Answer

Yes. You will get a User Name and Password after you register at www.MarketingOnlineSupport.com … which is available to you 7 days a week from 7am – 7pm (US Pacific) Click here to enroll

Q3: “How soon will I get access to the course materials so I can start betting my return on investment?”
See Answer

Every new student is assigned a User Name and Password via email 5 business days after the conclusion of the event. You will be contact personally by Alex’s team. Click here to enroll

Q4: “What are the specifics of your refund policy?”
See Answer

There is a 30-day “cool down” period that determines the “refund period” for all students. Click here to enroll

Q5: “How fast can I expect to start marking money?”
See Answer

Most of Alex’s of students have started making money (“turned PRO”) within the first 30 of investing in the training. Several have made money within the first week and a handful have made their investment back in 72 hours! Click here to enroll

Q6: “How much time am I expected to dedicate to become proficient at the SKILLS and TOOLS of this training?”
See Answer

Alex requests about 30 minutes a day or 3 ½ hours a week. You can work at your own pace and the more time you dedicate the faster you can achieve WILD SUCCESS!Click here to enroll

Q7: “What if I can’t start immediately”
See Answer

You can start at any time and you must make a commitment at the event in order get the special offer.Click here to enroll

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