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Running Time Highlight Description
At 0:55 Find out a few internet marketing leaders who are now committed to supporting our launch!
At 1:42 How we created about $400 million in sales and profits for our JV Partners since 1993!
At 2:30 How you could make 4, 5 or even 6-figures by supporting the Hangout Marketing Challenge!
At 7:00 What 4 indisputable FACTS make G+ Hangouts the best exposure tool now and in the future?
At 7:50 Why G+ Hangouts are a GAME-CHANGER and how to MONETIZE them faster than Facebook!
At 8:25 Find out why this is the JV opportunity of a lifetime and how it can cause lasting change to your pocketbook!
At 10:20 How to take advantage of this 2nd chance and why you could make thousands in cash commissions!


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  • Thousands in Commissions plus Cash Bonuses
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Clear Your Calendar for These Dates

Wednesday, December 11th Video #1 Promo Released
Friday, December 13th Video #2 Promo Released
Monday, December 16th Video #3 Promo Released
Monday, December 16th JV Success Training
Tuesday, December 17th CART OPENS
Thursday, December 19th Marketing Titans Mega Summit
Thursday, December 19th Sales Titans Mega Summit
Friday, December 20th Mega Hangout

Sunday, December 22nd


The Big Hangout


Offer & Marketing Funnel Overview




Why This Launch is Ultra-Unique


Nothing happens until a marketing offer is EXPOSED. We are utilizing the same medium of EXPOSURE (G+ Hangouts) as we’re teaching in the Hangout Marketing Training (HMT).

So when as soon as you say, “YES” to participating in this launch, you not only will be given the online TOOLS for more EXPOSURE … we will teach you the SKILLS to grab more EXPOSURE so you can become a top affiliate or JV Partner in every other launch in which you participate!


Over $50K in Cash & Prizes

Because you’ve read this far, we’ll assume that you’re “ALL IN” and you plan on registering below in the next few minutes. For the first time ever in Internet marketing history (to our knowledge), our JV Contest offers over $50K dollars worth of cash and prizes! (See Below)

How much of that $50,000 pie do you want a piece of?

What could happen if you became one of our TOP JV Partners? You could win thousands of dollars extra cash and prizes, but you and your business will also get EXPOSURE with Alex during a LIVE! Hangout in December!


Launch Contest Winnings for JVs

We’re giving away thousands of cash and prizes if you’re reading this BEFORE The Big Hangout on Sunday, Nov. 24th!

JC Contest #1 “Leads Contest” (Dec 13th-15th)

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
$250 $100 $50

JV Contest #2 “Leads Contest” (Dec 15th-17th)

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
$500 $250 $100 $50

JV Contest #3 “Sales Contest” (Dec 17th-Dec 20th)

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
$1000 $500 $250 $100 $50

KEY POINT: 1st Place winners will also get exclusive live G+ Hangout promotion from Alex Mandossian. Winners will get free EXPOSURE via Hangouts during and after the Hangout Marketing Challenge launch.



You Win Even If You’re Not in Top 5!

Your Joint Venture Contest Prizes
Over $50,000 in Cash and Prizes
Google Tablet / Samsung Chromebook
$500 cash bonus
$4K JV Partner commissions
3 VIP tickets to the
Hangout Marketing Reunion
3 month Marketing OCD
Harvey Mackay Roundtable Membership
$2,000 JV Partner commissions
2 VIP tickets to the
Hangout Marketing Reunion
1 VIP ticket to the
Hangout Marketing Reunion
$1K JV Partner commissions
$600 JV Partner commissions
$200 JV Partner commissions



JV Partner Commission Summary

1 Sale 3 Sales 5 Sales 10 Sales 20 Sales 25 Sales 50 Sales
$200 $600

There has never been any other launch like this and there never be another one like for many years to come HMT is something special, something really different and I think the PEOPLE on your lists are going to REALLY love it!

They are going to love being able to do this, they are going to love hearing from you that something that really works because it’s not your typical Internet Marketing launch.

That’s why all you need to do right now is LOCK IN YOUR SPOT by signing up as one of our JV Partners We even have a QUICK START training system that’ll help start making money right away … I mean IMMEDIATELY! You’ll see it on the next page after your LOCK YOUR SPOT in the form below!


JV Partnership Involves 5 Rules

There’s an old saying, “Rules become agreements when everybody agrees to play by them.” And that’s what we’re expecting from you on this web page since you’ve made this this far.

Please carefully read the 5 “rules of the game” for the Hangout Marketing Training and click the checkbox below to confirm your agreement. Ok?

RULE 1: No link sharing between JV Partners. It’s forbidden to take part in “team promotions” unless you’re given the expressed consent by of Alex Mandossian and Heritage House Media, Inc. You can only utilize YOUR own link to be eligible for YOUR sales commissions.

RULE 2: No unofficial “JV Communities” can be established in any personal Google+ or Facebook account. We have two JV Communities already reserved to support our JV Partners (like you) with frequently asked questions and an ongoing array of online sales tools.

RULE 3: No SEO “monkey business” or spamming third party lists. The primary way to get sales referrals is to utilize your unique JV Partner link via email promotions and social media and “word-of-mouse” promotions.

RULE 4: YOU are expected conduct yourself as professional. As one of our JV Partners, YOU agree to adhere and abide by our JV AGREEMENT. In addition, YOU will promote with integrity and follow all FTC guidelines.

RULE 5: The most important RULE is to “play by the rules.” If YOU do AGREE with all 5 of these simple JV Partnership rules, please confirm by using your mouse and checking the box you see directly below.

I AGREE to the 5 rules of the launch listed above!

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