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Hangout Marketing Secrets …………… $497 VALUE
Now you can get rid of your money worries forever. Hangout Marketing Secrets (HMS) was uniquely designed to make you more money … faster, better and easier!

Each of the 5 content-rich video training modules practically spoon-feed you the skills and tools utilized by the most influential G+ and Hangout marketers. Maximizing your online exposure and expanding your social influence is now possible with less human effort!

Hangout Automator Software ………. $997 VALUE
What people find most challenging and stressful about doing Google+ Hangouts is the web work and design. If you want to accelerate the growth of your online list, you must create your own Hangout pages.

Now you can have a Hangout Marketing system you can really be proud of … without lifting a finger because Hangout Automator™ does all of the “heavy-lifting” for you without requiring a web master. Hangout Automator is the fastest, easiest, most reliable way to make money with G+ Hangouts without spending a penny more on advertising!

Open Office Hours Hangouts ……… $1500 VALUE
Don’t hire a coach or consultant to teach you how to monetize Google Hangouts until you try engaging in “Open Office Hours Hangouts” from the team who created it – us! If you want to have face-to-face access to the savviest Hangout Marketers in the world, this bonus is for you!

Get all your Hangout Marketing questions answered week after week for twelve weeks. You get direct, private Hangout interaction that’s better than “group coaching” or “group consulting” from the comfort of your own home or office. This bonus gift alone is worth ten, maybe one hundred times the value of the offer. (You can get it a la carte.)

Productivity Secrets Training ………. $497 VALUE
Want to learn the time-honored habits to slash your interruptions in half and triple your free time? Productivity Secrets™ is available to you for less than $500 online at www.ProductivitySecrets.com and there’s even a financing plan if you’re on a bootstrapped budget.

Or, you can take advantage of this Hangout Training special offer and get the entire 21-strategy Productivity Secrets™ training at no costs to you, even though everybody else pays $497. If you’re overwhelmed or stressed and worried about juggling too many personal commitments, this is your passport to get more done … faster, better and easier!

Hangout Monetization Methods …… $197 VALUE
Discover how easily you can make more money with Google+ Hangouts in 33 time-proven ways. This content-rich Hangout was recorded live and features Yifat Cohen, Dan Safkow and Alex Mandossian.

In less than 75 minutes you’ll learn how to “repurpose” and profit from more Hangouts … faster, better and easier. You also get a unique fill-in-the blank ACTION GUIDE and a COMPLETED one to check your answers for precise accuracy.

Hangout Monetization for Coaches .. $97 VALUE
Give us 50 minutes and we’ll show you how to build and accelerate the growth of any coaching or consulting business (online or offline) using Google+ Hangouts as your core lead-generating tool. This Hangout was recorded live and features Coach Dave Buck and Alex Mandossian.

You’ll also get instant access to an “enhanced” PDF transcript that outlines key learning points and distinctions. Professional speakers, coaches, consultants and info marketers will find this content-rich training ideal to attract NEW clients … faster, better and easier!

Hangout Accountability Partnership $81 VALUE
What makes good entrepreneurs great is the principle of having an “Accountability Partner.” By special arrangement with founder, Rick Raddatz, Alex Mandossian is paying for your 3 months of the Profit- Profit Profit network (everybody else pays a $27 per month).

After enrolling in Hangout Marketing Training, you’ll automatically get instant eligibility to get your Accountability Partner who keeps you “focused” to help you get more productivity out your entrepreneurial life … faster, better, easier and with more accountability!

Hangout Tools/Resources ……………… PRICELE$$
Why is now precisely the right time to enroll in the Hangout Marketing Training? Hangouts are a perfect marketing tool to disproportionately give you an unfair advantage over your closest competitors!

And now we’ve scoured the planet to find the world’s best TOOLS and RESOURCES to maximize your impact! You’ll get complimentary instant access to them all once your say “YES!” to this Hangout Training.

Hangout Monetization School ……….. PRICELE$$
Week after week you have a quick and easy way to learn how to better monetize your offerings and become a better marketer during our live private Google Hangouts. Engage and enroll into the world’s fastest growing G+ Hangout marketing community.

All you need is a web cam, a mouse and to be subscribed to our private online mailing list. Enroll in the Hangout Marketing Training™ and you’ll instantly get access to these content-rich Hangouts so you can gain more “social influence” … faster, better and easier!

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