Quick Start

Secrets to Get Maximized Exposure with Expanded Social Influence
Running Time Highlight Description
0:29 Why and how most people fail often in life according to Buckminster Fuller
1:21 Stunning launch prizes available to top JV partners in the Evergreen launch!
2:13 How to get the job done and become on of our top five JV partners for the Evergreen Contest!
2:33 A personal message from Alex’s heart to yours about Success versus Significance
3:29 What do Warren Buffett, JK Rowling, Michael Dell, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates have in common?
4:12 How “SIGNIFICANCE” is measured by world’s most renowned thought leaders
5:21 Alex’s public confession about the true purpose behind the JV promotion of this Evergreen launch



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3-Step Quick Start Sequence

STEP #1: Lock-in JV PROMOTION dates!

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Wednesday, December 11th Video #1 Promo Released
Friday, December 13th Video #2 Promo Released
Monday, December 16th Video #3 Promo Released
Monday, December 17th JV Success Training
Tuesday, December 17th CART OPENS
Thursday, December 19th Marketing Titans Mega Summit (#1)
Thursday, December 19th Sales Titans Mega Summit (#2)
Friday, December 20th Mega Hangout (#3)
Sunday, December 22nd The Big Hangout (#4)

STEP #2: Get instant access to your SWIPES!

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STEP #3: Get instant access to COMMUNITY!

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JV Community

Launch Dates

Dec. 11th – Video #1 Promo Released
Dec. 13th – Video #2 Promo Released
Dec. 16th – Video #3 Promo Released
Dec. 16th – JC Success Training
Dec. 17th – CART OPENS
Dec. 19th – Marketing Titans Mega Summit
Dec. 19th – Sales Titan Mega Summit
Dec. 20th – Mega Hangout
Dec. 22nd – The Big Hangout

Launch Links

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