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Happens June 10th – 26th, 2013
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“Stop the Insanity of Social
Media Overwhelm!”

At this moment, you’re just ONE CLICK away from eliminating the confusion over which social media platform works best for you.

Picture yourself hosting your own weekly Web TV show automatically attracting truckloads of eager viewers, courtesy of Google and YouTube. It’s now possible to pull-off at zero cost and without having an email list!

That’s why you’re here. Because if you’re open to discovering a proven marketing secret that quickly and cost-effectively creates more visibility and exposure to your marketing message, your search is now over.

It’s shocking how many people still struggle to monetize their marketing messages utilizing social media. You’ll end your daily battle with social media marketing when you clear your calendar for just six days in June.

Coaches, seminar marketers, dentists, lawn care professionals, real estate brokers, network marketers, public speakers, insurance agents, chiropractors, hair dressers, CPAs, restaurant owners, authors, digital printers …

… Architects, nutritional experts, attorneys, dog trainers, newsletter publishers, software programmers, and any other businesses you can think of now have access to the fastest growing “social influence engine” available!

It is called Google+ Hangouts and it’s the online marketing game-changer that combines the pulling-power of Google and YouTube. All you need is an Internet connection and an “open mind” to learn.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a marketing beginner or seasoned veteran, this unique online training reveals the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to repeatedly generate massive online exposure without making you spend a cent more on advertising or promotional costs!

Pay nothing now. Simply register for the pre-training so we earn-the-right to teach you Hangout Marketing Secrets starting June 10th. (All six training days will be recorded and available up to a year after the course is completed).

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