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Email 1:

FR: (Full Name)
RE: Important $1 Favor


Can you help me with something
very important?

Here’s the situation:

I’m writing you from the Hangout
Marketing Intensive in San Diego,
CA and I’m learning strategies to
make money on G+ Hangouts.

I’m part of a Hangout Team at the
event and our goal is to get a lot
of $1 Hangout registrants and win
the competition we’re in.

Will you support me?

Making $1 may not be a big deal
to you, but it is to me because it
means I’ll become a professional
Hangout Marketer!

So will you assist me?

I don’t want this to sound too
dramatic, but it is important
to me that you do me a favor
and register for $1.

It’ll take just 3 minutes out
of your day, but the rush of
adrenalin it will give me will
last me a lifetime!

So…are you game?

Here’s the link to click to join
our Google Hangout for $1:

Please forward this to any of
our mutual friends whom I may
have forgotten about :-)

Is it a deal?

I really do appreciate you for
reading this far and I do hope
you say “YES” to this favor.

Fair enough?

I’ll email you again in a bit to
make sure you got this, ok?

Many thanks,

(Full Name)

P.S. If you get any $1 requests
like mine above, it’s probably
from my colleagues in the seminar
room … if that happens, go ahead
and register for them too, ok?

P.P.S. I know this is out of the
blue, so by all means call me at
(PHONE NO) and I’ll gladly share
more with you.

Thank you!




Email 2:

SUBJECT LINE: “You got this, right?”


Hey it’s (First Name) again…

I sent you an email request a
little while requesting you to join
our Google Hangout.

If you didn’t say “YES”, please
read on … here are the details:


I’m proud to tell you that I’m part
of a “Mega Hangout” Team here
a the event and we feel we are
changing lives with this Hangout.

As I said yesterday, I promise
to explain all the details later,
but for now I simply want you
to take these 3 simple steps:

1) Grab your computer mouse, click
on the link below

2) Read the online invitation and
get registered while it’s still fresh
on your mind.

3) Join the Social Conversation
on the “Hangout Broadcast” page
after you register for $1.

Here’s the link again:

Like I said to you before, I’d really
appreciate it if you would forward
this email to any other mutual
friends we share.

I’m just so excited that my
hands are shaking … thanks
to you, I’ll finally become a
Professional Hangout Marketer!

Click the link and please say
“YES” to my $1 request…deal?

Thank you in advance for doing
this favor me. It really means
a lot to me.

I’ll connect with you next week
to explain everything…

Truly yours,

(Full Name)

P.S. I know this is out of the
blue, so by all means call me at
(PHONE NO) and I’ll gladly share
more with you.

Many, many, many thanks!




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