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Trifecta Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: “Should I register even if I don’t yet have a product or service to sell at the moment?”
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Yes because 87% of our students do NOT have a product or service to sell when they start taking trainings. I often say, “No products means no bad habits,” and you will make more money faster.

Q2: “Will I get online help desk access if I have any questions in the future?”
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Yes. You will get a User Name and Password after you register at www.MarketingOnlineSupport.com for our world-class online desk available to you 7 days a week from 7am–7pm (US Pacific). We believe that “Caring is a competitive advantage.”

Q3: “What are the specifics of your refund policy and what’s the guarantee?”
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There is a 30-day money back guarantee that determines the “refund period” for all students. The FTC of the United States of America imposes this on us.

Q4: “What technology know-how do I need to succeed with this type of online training?”
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If you know how to copy and paste text, you can do this! If you have an Internet connection, you can do this! If you know how to navigate the Internet with Google, you can do this! If you’re open and willing to learn on your own time from your office or home, this training is ideal for you!

Q5: “How fast can I expect to start marking money?”
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Most of students start making money (“turn PRO”) within the first 30 of investing in the training. Several have made money within the first week and a handful have made their investment back in 72 hours!

Q6: “How much time am I expected to dedicate to become proficient at the SKILLS and TOOLS of this training?”
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Alex requests about 30 minutes a day or 3 ½ hours a week. You can work at your own pace and the more time you dedicate the faster you can achieve WILD SUCCESS!

Q7: “What if I can’t start immediately?”
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You can start at any time! But you must make a commitment now in order to get access to the special offer involving the valuable bonus gifts highly reduced tuition.